Saturday, 3 December 2011

Force 10 from Navarone

Our demo at RECON 2011 was a WW2 Skirmish game loosely based on Alistair McLean’s book Force 10 from Navarone. The rule set we used was “Operation Squad,” which we’ve found to be a very good set of WW2 skirmish rules with some additional house rules. The Demo was split into four scenarios

Scene 1 - The Air Drop
Scene 2 - Rescue 1
Scene 3 - Rescue 2
Scene 4 - The assault on the dam.

Scene 1 - The Air drop
The Landing zone

Force 10 Parachuted in at night into the drop zone which has both Partisans and Chetniks.

To simulate the vision at night we used a d6, upon a 1 to 3 no moon = 40cm visability, 4 or 5 Moon but obscured by cloud = 60 cm and on a 6 Full moon = 80 cm, also a further 20 cm in each case there was a possibility of spotting.

The land zone was the field in the above picture. To simulate the Force 10's parachute jumps we roll a d6 for wind strength from light to strong, to determine how many additional dice to throw for wind strength, and a directional dice for wind direction. The result was a light wind blowing from bottom right to top left across the above picture. 
Force 10 Lands

Rolling Deviation dice + a D6 for initial deviation from drop-zone + x D6's for additional deviation caused by wind strength and direction. Resulted in the landing (right).

Partisans or Chetniks?
The next problem was to determine which were the Partisans. With 4 members go off to meet one group going to meet one group and Mallory and Miller being intercept by the actual Partisans. Thus the Chetniks capture 4 of the 6 man Force 10 team.

Scene 2 - Rescue 1
Mallory and Miller escape the Chetniks by linking up with the Partisans
Blockhouse and surrounding terrain

Mallory learns that the Germans hold the rest of his team. So with the aid of the Partisans he decides to mounts a daring daytime rescue to release his captured team Agents.

The blockhouse
The blockhouse is guard by Germans.

Mallory and Miller plus 4 Partisans approached the blockhouse down the right of the ridge. After a brief firefight at close range Mallory and team overcome the German guards. How ever one cowardly German executes two of the team whilst locked up.

Scene 3 - Rescue 2
Captain Droshny

Captain Droshny (right) discover two more British Agents in his camp Maria and Blind Pete (see below).

Maria and Blind Pete
Incarcerating them in the blockhouse he leaves to look for the remnants of Force 10. 

Meanwhile, Mallory learns that Maria and Blind Pete have been captured and decides to mount another daring rescue. This occurs in late afternoon. 

Hauptmann Neufeld and Sgt Bauer
At the same time the  Chetniks led by Captain Droshny and accompanied by Hauptmann Neufeld and Sergeant Bauer (right) are returning. 

As both squad approach the blockhouse down either side of the ridge. The Chetniks moving slower as the are examining the area for any clues of Force 10's whereabouts. Who’ll get there first and will Mallory and his team be successful?

Again there are some Germans guarding the blockhouse. The Germans open fire on Mallory's approaching group even though they've tried to imply they prisoners. After the last scenes debacle the Germans are more cautious. However again after a brief firefight Mallory rescue Maria and Blind Pete. Fleeing from the returning Chetniks. 

Scene 4 - Assault the Dam
The Dam

Close up of dam.
Mallory and the remainder of his team with Maria as their guide along with Blind Pete make a night time assault on the Dam. Chased by Dronshny ’s Chetniks and Neufeld’s Germans. Not forgetting the Germans guarding the Dam! 

Can Mallory and company succeed? 

We didn't find out as time ran out!

Saturday, 27 August 2011

ACW Blog IV: The Union Forces

After many months I've finally finished painting a box of Perry Minitures plastic ACW infantry figures. and a third of the cavalry box. So one box to go.

I may have to have to revise how they are based but as yet the infantry bases haven't been textured, so no problem.

It's also likely that the rule set earlier decided upon may change or that we base them so that they suitable for other rule sets.

Sunday, 13 February 2011

The Paras have landed !

Here are the first five Paras of the 10-man squad.
They are 28mm scale metal figures, manufactured by Bolt Action Miniatures / Warlord Games.
For use with Colin's "Platoon Commander" WW2 skirmish Rules.


Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Middle Plantagenet English - Part 3

Here's King Edward II and his gay entourage (allegedly).
Yes, I painted the lions on the flag and shield myself - they look okay at a distance.!