Sunday, 19 October 2008

Ian's Boxer Rebellion Blog: Part 3.

Got the first group of Boxers completed - a leader and 6 men.
Here they are...

I have also purchased another 50+ figures off eBay (30+ Boxers and about 17 other nationalities), so it looks like there may well be scope for a larger scale game at some point. Oh yes, I also got some "armed" civilians too.!

Next on the painting table are the 5 US marines. I had a closer look at them as I undercoated them and they are all in "shirtsleeve order" so no blue jackets, which is good - no chance of confusing them with the Tigermen and/or British Marines.

I have considered painting up the US machine-gun team too (which will probably be prudent if a larger game with around 50 Boxers is in the offing), but that will wait until the second batch of Boxers is complete.

You may have noticed that I also tried a new basing technique using cat litter and sand. Didn't quite work out right - over did it with the cat litter. Next time, I'll not use as much (sprinkle bits on rather than dip the pva-loaded base in the stuff). Still, it's always fun to experiment.!


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