Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Ian's Blog -6-

Finished the last of Bob's AWI figures and passed them on to Guy for basing.

The 5 US marines for my Boxer Rebellion project have been completed (photo pending), so another set of 7 or so actual Chinese Boxers should see me with enough groups for a 6-player game.

Decided to purchase most of my 15mm Napoleonic's from Dragon Painting Services in Hong Kong (pre-painted AB or Essex). I got a unit of 24 German Grenadiers and was well pleased with them. The cost will be a little more than I would like to have paid, but this can easily be offset when you consider the saving in time and effort which I can now devote on other projects.

My next concern after completing the Boxers to a satisfactory stage, are a number of 28mm Teutonic knights which I am going to paint-up to sell early next year.

Cheers for now

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