Sunday, 25 January 2009

Boxer Rebellion Game report

Earlier this month we played a skirmish game using Ian’s superb Boxer Rebellion figures and a set of rules he’d created called “Days of Empire.”

The terrain was setup with a central temple occuppied by the Boxer rebels which were controlled by Ian this was two forces of around 7 figures each.

The rest of us were randomly given a team of figures and a mission. Teams can consist of between 1 and 8 figures, where applicable teams have a leader and a subordinate officer. Each figure is then allocated a expertise rating and addition abilities. Our teams are as follows along with further details of the terrain.

The Germans with a mission to search the temple. This team consisted of 4 firgures a Captain, a NCO and two trained troops. Their deployment zone was to the west of the temple behind some rocky ground. To the north of them were some marshes and to their south was a hill and beyond that was a fenced field in the south wes corner.

To the south of the temple was a avenued approach road to the temple with fenced field to the south west at the far south west of this field the British Marines were deployed.

They had a captain and Sergent with three troopers. Their mission was to save Professor Saunders. Who at this stage of the game no one knew where he was.

To the east of the road was another field with hedges for its boundary. In it' south east corner was where the Tiger Men entered the afray.
Thay had a mission to capture Professor Saunders, and consisted of a five figure team

Moving round to the east was open ground and some more trees. in the north east corner was another building with a field on its western side.

The US Marines entered on the north side of the table. Their mission was to capture the German captain. This team was made up of five figures.

Initiative is determined by using a deck of cards which are issued to teams, leaders, elites, and figures with an alert characteristic. The highest card goes first, this provides a great means of mixing up which character or unit that is in play. The card can also be held and used to gain initiative at a later stage if desired. Imitative can also be seized if a figure passes within 4” of an unengaged figure.

I commenced by moving towards the temple. The Imperial Chinese attacked the temple also The British not knowing where the Professor was decided to attack the Germans. The Americans moved round towards the rear of the Germans, whilst the Boxers erupted from the temple killing a German and attack the British and Chinese forces. However the Boxers were driven back by the British, Chinese Imperial and German forces. The Boxers made their escape with the Professor, hotly pursued by the Chinese who with some good shooting slowed them down sufficiently to capture the Professor. The British mean while continued to attack the Germans, when the Americans came in intent on capturing the German leader shoot one of the Germans and a British Marine.
Soon after the US Marines subdued the German leader and attempted to make there escape but were hindered by the remaining German NCO and the advancing British.

This was an excellent game and we look forward to another game sometime.

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