Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Relocation, Relocation.

The Club has relocated to a new venue in the cn=enrte of Huddersfield, next door to Patriot Games on Wood Street.
The rom is large enough to hold three or four separate games.
We tried it out last Monday with a three-a-side DBMM350 battle; Tumurid and Free Company Allies versus Post Mongol Japanese with Mongol Allies.
The game was very closely fought and resulted in a narrow victory to the Japanese.
Anyway, next weeks games are another 350AP game (Early Imperial Rome versus Sarmatia) and an ECW game using a free set of rules from The Perfect Captain (
Reports will follow.

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rjm297 said...

Our relocation has gone well we've found excellent premises in a very central location. Which so far has proved to be excellleent.
Our thanks also goes to Bob who kindly provided a venue for us over the past two and a bit years.
We start circa 7 pm although the room is available to us from 6pm to 11pm.
So far we've played a number of DBMM 350 games, General de Brigade, and English Civil War. We hope to commence a series of games the War of the Roses possible using FoG as this we suspect will give a different style of game to DBMM.
So if you fancy comomng to join us please feel free to join us.