Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Hyborian Conquests III

Hyborian Conquests III is to be my latest on-going project, and hopefully my best.

Basically, it will be a fantasy wargame campaign set in the world created by Robert Erwin Howard to host the many stories featuring the legendary hero Conan the Barbarian.

My game will be mainly military (employing strategy and tactics), with a rudimentary civil governing element too. The players represent the leaders of armies; the intricacies of government policies being left up to a non-player national leadership (civilian issues will mostly be randomly generated).

My initial plan is to:

1. Locate / Create a simple, fast-play strategy campaign system. Should include map movement by Province, simple income and loyalty ratings.
2. Decide on a good tactical wargame system. Currently looking at Principles of War - a Regimental scale game.
3. Draw up a Game Map. There are some good sources on the internet from which I can build up my own unique version.
4. Locate, acquire and paint the figures. Looking at Pendraken 10mm, 10 infantry or 5 cavalry.
5. Assemble all necessary buildings and terrain.

These items will not necessarily be dealt with in the above order.

Cheers for now

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