Friday, 14 January 2011

Middle Plantagenet English

I am starting yet another painting project. This time, it’s a 15mm Middle Plantagenet English Starter Army for use with Field Of Glory against Paul’s Scots in our future demo game of Bannockburn.

My figures are from Essex Miniatures and comprise the following:
1x C-in-C base: Edward II
1x General: Gilbert de Claire
1x General: Humphrey de Bohun
1x 2-base Unit of Royal Household Knights
3x 4-base Units of Feudal Knights
1x 8-base Unit of Spearmen
2x 6-base Units of English Longbowmen
2x 6-base Units of Welsh Longbowmen

I got them for Christmas and have thus far painted 1x 6-base Unit of Welsh Longbowmen

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